Declarations in respect of this website and the legal standing of
The FairFund Federation

The FairFund Federation


Each Foundation member firm provides services in a particular geographic area, and is subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country or countries in which it operates. The Federation helps co-ordinate the activities of the member firms but does not itself provide services to clients. The Federation and the member firms (including the risk mitigation reserve trust) are separate and distinct legal entities, which cannot obligate the other entities. The Federation and each Federation member firm is only liable for its own acts or omissions, and not those of each other. Each Federation member firm is structured differently in accordance with national laws, regulations, customary practice, and other factors, and may secure the provision of professional services in their territories through subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or other entities. All members of the Federation are strictly not for profit structures without beneficial shareholders.

Financial Services Registration

Neither The FairFund Federation nor affiliate companies are registered under the legislation governing financial activities of any nation.

Neither The Federation nor affiliate companies give any financial service or advice to the public. All business is restricted to Members who have declared themselves as a professional and experienced person qualified to be a Member of the Federation. The facilities and structures detailed in this website are not subject to the provisions of the United Kingdom Financial Services Act 1986 or to any amendment thereto ("the Act") or similar legislation in any other jurisdiction. The facilities are specifically exempted from the UK Act by way of note 5 to clause 13b of part I of the Act. The author of this document is not registered as a financial adviser under such legislation, and does not offer any form of investment advice nor provide nor sell any form of investment or security as defined within such legislation. The announcement on these pages does not constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase any securities.