Outside Service Providers

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Due to its Constitution, TheFairFund Federation (Geneva) must maintain its neutrality without dependence on any public entity in respect of financing its operations. All funding must be raised by unconditional BENEFACTION in support of the ethos and objectives of The FairFund Federation.

Therefore an independent trust fund, known as the Risk Mitigation Reserve Trust (“RMRT”) is required to receive and protect all such benefaction. (See Risk Mitigation) The settlor to the RMRT will be an Outside Service Provider specifically appointed by The FairFund Federation to act as its fundraising arm by arranging benefaction from high net worth entities that accept that “Benefaction Works for All”.

Other outside service providers:

The FairFund Federation is known by and has direct access to reputable, long established Swiss financial service providers such as: private wealth banking families, bond issuers, pension fund managers and financial legal counsel.

An opportunity exists if you are a corporate or private entity being the beneficial owner of assets (for example: MTN’s / LTN’s, government bonds etc., with a minimum of seven years left to maturity), that are on deposit, unencumbered, in one of your bank accounts, preferably in Europe.

If a beneficial owner can demonstrate the above and would like to benefit from further income over and above what they are receiving on those assets and would like to support the ethos and objectives of The FairFund Federation, then direct communication can be opened between the beneficial owner and The FairFund Federation with immediate effect.

  • Some of the key points of the opportunity are:
    Any transaction will be conducted in the beneficial owner’s bank where the account is held. The beneficial owner’s assets never move out of its bank. 
    The beneficial owner will have full control and decision over the proposed transaction in which all elements are totally flexible to meet their needs. The FairFund Federation can always make itself fit in with the beneficial owner’s wishes in respect of any proposed transaction.
    The structure will be for not less than seven years, ideally ten years.